We know technology and we know how business works

Whether you are a 10 or 200 person operation, CJS Associates can help you. Our trained professionals can provide the best IT consultation services available...before you make any investment in technology. We can guide you to the right solution for your business.

The Desktop: Where business happens

The desktop and laptop are where your staff get their work done. It’s where the computer becomes a partner, and a valued team member. It needs to be healthy, fast, and secure. It just needs to run right, and be backed up properly!

Then you add the mobility and convenience of smartphones and tablets to the mix, and how do you manage that all. CJS has some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry to help manage and monitor the health of your technology no matter how mobile it is. All of that at a flat rate per device, so you can budget well and extend your hard-earned dollar.

Your network should connect you to profitability

All those fancy tools and gadgets need to be able to connect. Without a fast, stable and secure network nothing works. Try building your business without stable email!! Web-based and powerful tools have transformed the SMB’s ability to compete. Having a fast network is no longer a luxury it is a necessity!!

CJS know how to make your network a predictable and valuable partner in your making your business run right.

The Cloud is the partner SMBs have been looking for.

Traditional in-house server software and hardware tools have become more of a burden to small businesses than an aide. High entry costs and unpredictable support costs have kept SMBs from using the most appropriate technology.
Then came the cloud!

With a data center hosted “cloud” technology, SMBs have access to the same technology that larger organizations and competitors do. Rather than investing in expensive servers and support, allow experts to host for you. It's an ideal solution for growing businesses. The technology is easy to scale and is accessible from high-availability data centers no matter where YOU connect from. That’s just smart.

How do you know what technology or vendor is right for your business? How do you know if it is secure and the right price? Let CJS navigate those waters with you, and explain the benefits of the right cloud tools for you.

We partner with our clients, providing a fully customizable range of services.
Each client is unique, with specific needs, and CJS builds a plan that will meet those needs and exceed the expectations.

Desktop / Laptop Configuration

BYOB Mobile Device Management

Network Design

Network Security

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Protection

Office 365 Configuration and Maintenance

E-mail Configuration & Security

SharePoint Design and Maintenance

Exchange and SQL Server Management

Server Monitoring and Management

MBDR: Managed Back-ups | Disaster Recovery

Project Management

Consulting & Projects

24x7 Monitoring with Full Phone and Dial-in Support

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