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About us

About CJS Associates

CJS was founded in November 2000 with the goal of providing small/medium business owners with the best technical advice and support available. We blend a combination of industry best practices, big-business know-how, common sense, and our own business success to become our clients.
Our company

Business-building and entrepreneurial success utilizing technology.

30Years’ Experience in IT

We have a heart for small businesses and fully understand the impact technology has towards their success. We know the difficult balance small businesses must face between balancing budgets, managing client relations, building the future, working with vendors, and keeping employees focused on a common goal. CJS takes the burden of managing technology off an owner’s plate, giving you peace of mind to build your business.

We believe that small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the heart and soul of our economy. Most of us are aware that technology has become a major part of every SMB’s success. We also know that most SMB owners and staff are generally not technology experts. CJS Associates wants your business to be one of the success stories. We strive to make your computers, networks, and software so stable and efficient that you forget you are using a computer. We believe that technology should be as predictable and transparent as a pen and paper used to be. By stabilizing the technology foundation of your business, CJS allows the business owner and staff to stay focused on their core business. Welcome to CJS Associates.


à La Carte Services

Some clients have extremely simple needs or an in-house staff that just needs a little help. Good for companies with few employees, or an overstressed IT staff in need of an extra set of hands.
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Managed Services

The best of the best. Our Managed Service package gives you the ultimate coverage needed to keep your IT up and running with flat-rate pricing. And the best part, it can all be easily run via the internet.
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Extended Services

Some companies have longer hours and greater needs. CJS offers extended hours and more hands-on service when needed, so you have confidence your growing business stays productive.
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Where people and technology come together.

Desktop / Laptop Configuration
SharePoint Design and Maintenance
Network Security
BYOB Mobile Device Management
Exchange and SQL Server Management
Network Design & Maintenance
Server Monitoring and Management
Project Management
Managed Backups / Disaster Recovery
Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Protection