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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Transform Your Business by Leaving Break/Fix or Sub-Par IT Behind

Taking away your uncertainty and headaches.

Are you tired of unpredictable IT costs and waiting around for your IT person to show up?

There’s a problem in the IT Support industry today. You basically have three options. You can pay someone to come out and fix a problem every time a computer breaks. This leads to unpredictable costs, high bills, and, ultimately, a non-functioning network. You can hire an IT expert, but incur overhead costs. Or you can utilize Managed Services. Managed Services is proactive IT support billed at a monthly flat-rate. The problem with most Managed Services companies, though, is that it’s not really at a flat rate. They end up charging you for travel time, replacement parts, after-hours, or data overages. We don’t do that at CJS.
Our managed services truly offers all you can eat at one flat rate. We cover all of your IT support needs and take it one step further by integrating fully into your business, helping you plan your next steps, and making sure your technology flows seamlessly into your business growth strategy. When you come onboard, we ensure that we have worked together to build a network that is going to take your business to the next level, Then we proactively monitor to solve any challenges that come up, often before you even know about them. Finally, we meet regularly to ensure that we’re staying on the same page about what you need next.

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