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Managed Services Provider

There’s a problem in the IT Support industry today. You basically have three options. You can pay someone to come out and fix a problem every time a computer breaks. This leads to unpredictable costs, high bills, and, ultimately, a cobbled-together non-functioning network. You can hire an IT guy with a lot of expertise, but also vacation, sick days, and overhead costs. Or you can utilize Managed Services. Managed Services is proactive IT support billed at a monthly flat-rate. The problem with most Managed Services companies, though, is that it’s not really at a flat rate. They end up charging you for travel time, replacement parts, after-hours, or data overages. We don’t do that at CJS.

You need to protect your business in multiple ways. At a bare minimum, you need to employ a strong firewall, anti-virus, and SPAM solution that includes ongoing monitoring and remediation. Beyond that, you need to monitor what’s happening on the Dark Web. You can’t necessarily remove your information from the Dark Web, but you need to know what’s out there so you can act accordingly in the event of a breach. Finally, your employees need ongoing training and education. Just like you spend time and energy to make sure that your employees are physically safe while they’re at work, now you have a responsibility to protect them, their identities, and their livelihoods online, as well.